May 102010

Today we opened the large yard doors for the first time. They have been sealed for the winter. So now I can bring you a view of the transom. Hopefully the view that most other yachts will get of the Journeyman :-)

To the port side is the stowing box for the life raft. In the middle the large dingy garage hatch, which also doubles as a bathing platform. Below the hatch there is a narrow platform with room to stand on if the hatch is closed, when you want to pick things out of the water (maybe fish…?). To the starboard side you see the climbing steps.

  2 Responses to “Transom View”

  1. Very nice indeed. It obvious that you haven’t missed much in the design (I haven’t seen anything yet… )

    BTW what happens if you lose the hatch?

  2. The dingy garage behind the hatch is a watertight compartment. A lost hatch will in worst case mean about half a ton of water inside, which is no problem, also there is both a manual and an electric bilge pump inside.

    I do suspect that the space will be used for a bit of storage, and the stuff inside will get wet…