Apr 132010

You know, all sporty vehicles need a “Targa” version, so of course there is a Journeyman 60 Targa too:

The targa will be home for the radar, an lot of different antennas, the loudhailer, cockpit floodlights, a webcam, lifting ropes for equipment and so one. Very useful thing…

We had to make the radar mount removable, otherwise the boat will be to high to pass under all cables crossing the road on the way to the launch harbor. 6m is the max height for road transport.

  One Response to “Targa model”

  1. Hi there!
    I love the targa. On Nanuk I will have a fairly similar arrangement made with a bimini solution connected to the cabin roof.
    Earlier on I saw some picture of the position of some winches and now I cannot find the picture again. I had just one comment on it.
    The outer winch appeared to be fastened along the deck angle. On Nanuk the deck is VERY steep and the winches that were on that angel were extremely hard to work on when the boat was heeling. I will now arrange so that all winches have level or even positive angles to make them easier to handle during sailing.
    Sailing to Iceland this summer will be a good lesson for me during the preparations for my solo trip through the Northwest Passage in 2012.

    Your project is truly remarkable and I hope to see you out there in the summer of 2011. No, I will not go in the water this summer. We have a long stretch to go!