Mar 252010

Whatever you call it, it’s an important part of the looks of the boat, so it’s nice to see it go on!

  4 Responses to “Toe-rail or foot-rail?”

  1. It will not be perforated? Looks quite thick – how much does it weigh all together?

  2. There are enough gaps in the railing that perforation is not needed. Actually the material is quite thin at the base, but it has a thick bulb at the top. The total weight of the whole railing is about 10 kg. We did some test on the strength of a perforated railing, but a big guy (guess who!) jumping on it was able to bend it a little. Which didn’t feel safe.

    For attaching low-load things I will use these pad-eyes:

  3. I am mister Guess Who! Nice to meet you! :) There is also given a good term for this kind of tests : “animal test”. White mouses are Jesper, me, etc…

  4. 10kg is nothing :-) It just seemed from the pic that it didn’t have the “bulb” on the top.