Mar 032010

After two days of brain burnout trying different alternatives to the deck layout I have arrived at what looks like a simple solution. Since I think I have stared too long at this to actually see things clearly anymore I am hereby asking for feedback. The actual layout drawing is available for download: Deck Layout.PDF

I am aware of the staysail furler line colliding slightly with the anchor hatch, which is not a big problem. Also there are one less rope clutch on each side compared to the number of ropes drawn, but quite a few of the ropes are removable so there should always be enough clutches.

  10 Responses to “Deck Layout Brain Damage”

  1. I was looking at the PDF deck layout. She looks pretty fast – same shape as a bullet!

  2. No inhaulers? No room due to the aur scoops? Could the first pair perhaps sit a bit closer together? And perhaps even a set of outhaulers – these small things can make hours and hours of difference on long legs. Maybe someone onboard is obsessed with fine tuning and you don’t have the gear :P
    Also – perhaps you should leave some more roome between the clutches and the winches and add a selaparate set of organizers there. This way you don’t put too mugh sideways force on the clutches. page 21 is what I mean. Cheap and sexy looking option would be to do it out of the same aluminium. The sheaves are really easy to make. Just had new ones made for my Spinlock organizers that are closer to the mast.

    Best of luch to you and fair sailing!


  3. Hmm not sure what you mean by inhauler and outhaulers…? Are you referring to some device to move the foresail clew closer or further away from the centerline? This will be possible in many ways, although not with a dedicated permanent line. To pull the clew to the centerline one of the free cunningham lines (I have two) or one of the free reef lines (I have three) can be routed from the mast base. To pull the clew outwards any free line an be routed through one of the 3 strong points in the footrail.

    And I’m sorry, I was focusing on the deck itself, the drawing is actually not accurate when it comes to the clutches, they are not correctly positioned in the drawing.

    And yes, I do use clutch organizers, although this ones: (bottom of page). You can see them in the picture in the previous post.

  4. It seems that I made a totally useless comment and you have it all thought out. Lycka till med byggnaden :-)

  5. NO! This far from useless. Sometimes when you have been staring at a problem for a long time you miss obvious things. I usually try to let the solution sleep for a while and then go back after a few days and look at it again. But in this case there is not time for that so all feedback is good, even if it is about details I have already included. This make me feel more confident about the outcome!

  6. I’ve looked at your project and all the materials and ideas and I really don’t think there’s much I’d would do differently. A really thought trhough project. Perhaps I would rethink the design of the pilothouse. To me it sort of feels like it doesn’t belong on a beautiful woman (all sailboats are female, don’t you agree?). I understand the purpose and the need for it but there has to be a way to get around the robust industrial look? Or is it intentional?
    Another one – isn’t there a sleeker looking alternative to the old school air scoops? I started looking at newer and fancier “designer boats” and only found this type of scoops on a Grand Soleil. On most boats I couldn’t even find them and thus have no clue how fresh air is supplied.

    But it’s all aesthetics. If people can’t find real problems they start picking on the looks ;-)

  7. I had a more modern design for a long time. But curved glass is expensive. And curved double insulation glass is VERY expensive. All JM60 windows and hatches are double glassed. So after a while I realized the curvier looks where out of my budget.

    New and fancier “designer boats” typically just forget about it. I can imagine what they would smell like inside if you take 8 people out for a few weeks of bad weather when hatches have to stay closed, with dirty wet clothes everywhere and a crew badly needing a shower… But that’s not what they are designed for. They are designed to look good in the marina.

  8. Do you have snoring insulation?
    I might need some!

  9. We call that odour “the smell of sailing” on our quarter tonner. “Purjespordi lõhn” in estonian.

    “Moody-style” could have been doable with straight panels. But yes, curved is unreasonably expensive. is almost straight. Sorry for picking on the details in such a late phase :-)

    As to snoring if you still hear snoring then your watches are too short :D

  10. Max spacing between handholds 1,5m. Handholds within 300mm of deck edge min. height above deck 350mm. Able to withstand 1500 N. Who said CE stuff is boring?