Feb 092010

One of the design faults of most modern cruisers that annoy me is the positioning of the water inlets. I don’t think I have ever been on yacht where there hasn’t been problems with some water inlets being above water at some points of sail.

The effect can be bad, for example not being able to flush the toilet. Or not getting water to the galley. There is also the problem with making water. All watermakers require a salt water supply free of air bubbles. With bubbles in the water the watermaker stops working. And when you’re sailing there is always a lot of bubbles under the hull, even if the water inlet is well below the waterline. So usually you have to stop to make water. For 6 hours or so. Pretty boring.

So for the Journeyman 60 I decided to fix this:

This picture shows the water inlet tank. All seawater will come in through this tank. It sits in the center of the boat at the deepest point of the hull, so it is always under water. Inside the tank there is a system for separating air bubbles from water. The air is let out again and all devices in the boat that need water gets an uninterrupted supply free from bubbles.

No more getting water in a bucket from the galley to flush the toilet on the port tack!

  2 Responses to “The Devil is in the Details. And the Comfort too.”

  1. Is there a jellyfish filter in there somewhere?

  2. Actually no :-)